2 Easy Ways to Get Luxy Poker Chips Free

Luxy Poker Chips Free – Luxy poker game is very interesting for anyone to play. Because this game is very fun and can be a medium to earn extra money trusted online casino malaysia. However, you can get free luxy poker chips easily without having to spend any capital at all.

This method is very easy so that it can be practiced by every luxy poker gamer. However, some of these methods are not recommended to gamers because they use additional applications. While other methods can be used but you have to spend extra effort to get it.

How To Get Free Luxy Poker Chips Safely

How To Get Free Luxy Poker Chips Safely

Obtaining various free chips can be done in various ways. However, try to always use the safe method. Because, your account will be safe and can get additional credit that can be used for other needs.
However, this method is quite time-consuming so you have to be patient in doing it online casino malaysia. Because the credit (google pay balance) obtained must be collected first. Only then will you be able to buy luxy poker chips for free. These methods include:

Google Opinion Rewards

The first way that you can get free luxy poker chips is to use Google Opinion Rewards. You can download and install this application from the Google PlayStore for free. However, make sure your smartphone has enough storage space. Because this application will provide a survey for you.
If you are interested in using it then follow the steps below:

  • Download and install the Google Opinion Rewards application
  • Follow all the registration steps to completion
  • Then, take the various surveys provided and fill in all of them properly and correctly
  • If you have finished, then submit the results of the survey
  • Wait a while until Google verifies the survey results
  • If you have completed and verified, then you will get a number of Google Pay Balance. Collect the credit until it’s enough to buy a luxy poker chip
  • This method is very safe and widely used by various poker gamers. However, this process takes a long time so you have to be patient to collect it.
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Daily Chips

The second safe way that you can use is to collect daily chips provided by the developer of this game. This method is the easiest but you have to be diligent in logging in every day.
Therefore, make sure you always make time to play this game or at least just log in.

Because every day the developer can provide a different number of chips. This will be even more if there is an important event.

Pavilion88 If possible, you should not just log in but play for a while. Because you can be quite hockey when playing so that it becomes the spirit to play luxy poker.

Daily Missions

Another way to get free luxy poker chips is to follow the various daily missions available. Usually every online game provides objectives or missions that must be completed every time you log in. The number of these missions of course varies. However, if it is an event, the number of missions will increase. In addition, the rewards given are also better.

The missions are usually quite easy, such as playing 5 times, removing a number of chips and others. You can estimate how many times you have to play in order to complete this mission.
Some missions require you to wear special items. If you don’t have the item or it would be better if it was used during the event then you don’t need to complete it.

You simply complete the missions that are easy and most likely to be completed. If this is done regularly, the acquisition of these free chips will eventually increase. Plus, you don’t have to play all day. Just complete some daily missions and finish the game. Then, repeat this again the next day until the free chips you have are getting more abundant.

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Additional Apps

In addition to the method above, you can get free chips from the Luxy Poker game by using other survey applications such as Zupee Gold. All you have to do is download these apps from the Google PlayStore and then install them. As usual, make sure the memory on the smartphone is enough so that this application can be installed properly. The ways include:

  • Download and install applications like Zupee Gold
  • Follow each step of the registration to completion
  • Take a variety of existing surveys and submit the results
  • Wait a while until the verification is complete and you will get credit from this application

Collect these credits until later enough to buy luxy poker chips

This method is actually the same as Google Opinion Reward. However, the developers of the two are different so you can use several of these applications on one smartphone.
If you are diligent, then use two or more of the same application so that there are more sources of credit. Because by doing so, you can collect more credits so that buying free luxy poker chips is faster.

Another safe way to get free luxy poker chips is from gifts. The gift in question is not the gift of chips from fellow luxy poker gamers. However, a gift code from Google or the developer of the luxy poker game.

Usually these two parties will provide a gift code for some lucky users Ubetcity88.net. In addition, usually these two parties also announce this code from the official website or facebook page. However, no one can confirm when this gift will be given. Because it is given randomly. However, gifts like this are usually given on Google’s or Luxy Poker’s birthday. So, often visit the website and the official facebook page. Because it could be that you are the lucky person who gets the gift code.

How To Get Another Free Luxy Poker Chip

How To Get Another Free Luxy Poker Chip

In addition to using the safe method above, you can also use various other methods listed below. However, the following method is quite risky so you must consider it carefully first.
Because if you are not lucky then your account can be frozen temporarily or permanently. In addition, your account can also be stolen by other parties who are not responsible. These methods include:

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Giving Chips To Friends

Another way to get free luxy poker chips is by transferring from your friend’s account. However, not all poker games have this feature including luxy poker. Therefore, you must transfer to a friend’s account that has a lot of chips. This method is also commonly used by gamers who want to sell their chips to other gamers.

However, this method is not allowed by the developer so that if it is violated, there is a threat in the form of temporary or permanent account freezing. In order for this chip transfer process to run safely, you must pay attention to several things, namely:

Choose the best room and try to have the quietest fans

Download luxy com poker – The quietest time so you can transfer chips without distractions from other gamers
These two things are the most basic so you have to be careful watching this. After you get a room with the criteria above, then do the transfer process by playing normally.

However, you don’t play all in and then fold. Because this game’s AI system will detect your game and immediately banned the account. It is better to play as usual and raise bets gradually so that they are not easily detected. If possible, make yourself win and lose a few times to make it harder to detect.

You just need to adjust the bet amount so that the transfer process can be completed quickly. This method may take a long time and waste a lot of time. However, this free luxy poker chip transfer method is safer because it avoids the attention of AI developers so that your account will always be safe.

Don’t forget to ask for the phone number or wa of the friend who transferred the chip. Because with the help of this communication tool, you can provide accurate game information so that the chip transfer process becomes safe, fast and convenient.