Difference Between Online Casino and Offline Casino

Online Casino and Offline Casino – Discussing the history of online casinos is endless, of course because the game in the casino itself continues to grow, it can even be said more advanced.

Casino games also keep up with the times, as evidenced by the number of casino games, Trusted online casino malaysia sites that are currently easily accessible using internet media. Many think that casino is a game, even though

Basically the Casino is a place for the gambling game itself. So that in the Casino there are a lot of gambling games that can be played provided agents ranging from popular games such as Poker, Domino or Blackjack to the easiest gambling games like slot games or shooting games fish.

But until now there are still many who think that Casino is a game, this is because many ordinary people still I’ve never been in the betting world before. The appearance of the Casino cannot be directly accessed online as it is now this but there is quite a long history. Casino has been around for a long time technology was invented so in the past all kinds of games could only be accessed conventionally.

If you are curious about the history or previous facts about Casino, you are in the right article because we will discuss it in detail details about Casino’s long journey into the modern era.

Casino Exists in Ancient Egypt

Casino Exists in Ancient Egypt

Online Casinos Malaysia are indeed very popular in the world, not only providing gambling games, but also providing nightlife entertainment, bars, hotels, boxing venues and others. The most popular casino places are in Las Vegas and are still operating today and are even legalized. However, the existence of casinos is not only recent but has existed since ancient Egypt. In ancient Egypt, kings and officials made buildings resembling temples as places for gambling.

At first the place was used as a gathering of nobles to discuss business. To strengthen the relationship between business partners, other activities such as gambling began. The practice of gambling is carried out using bets in the form of property to slaves owned because in ancient Egypt at that time still adhered to the principle of barter or the exchange of goods.

Until finally the culture began to develop in Europe, especially in the city of Venice. Then in 1638, scientists stated that there was the first Casino building in mainland Europe, precisely in the city of Venice called Matavenero.org.

The Casino does not operate every day but only at certain times, for example during the carnival season or during big celebrations. At that time the interest or trend regarding gambling was still not high so that the casino place was still not visited by many residents. Even so, it turned out that the emergence of the first casino in Europe began to spread in other parts of the world.

Casinos Become Popular in The 90

The history of online casinos begins with the emergence of the first casino, other casino places began to spread and were established in several countries such as America, Asia and Australia. In 1970, almost all countries had a casino, that’s where the casino began to be widely known and increasingly popular in the 90s, then a live casino emerged or what was called Online Casino.

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Microgaming develops gambling software for all types of Casino games based in the Isle of Man. Then it was developed again by Cryptologic with more maximum online security software and that’s where the attraction of bettors is. In these years online gambling is gaining more and more popularity
even gambling sites started to increase. At first there were only 15 gambling sites in 1996 and then increased to 200 gambling sites in just 1 year, namely in 1997.

There was a report published by Frost and Sullivan which revealed that online gambling revenues had exceeded 830 thousand dollars that year. One of the popular casino games at that time was poker, which was introduced in 1998.

Then came the internet gambling prohibition act or the internet gambling prohibition act so that many companies were unable to offer online gambling products until in 2000 several casino sites tried to obtain licenses and can be accessed again.

What is the Difference Between Conventional Casino Online Version?

In 2001 the number of players participating in the world of betting was increasing and even growing rapidly. Initially, the number of participating players increased to 8 million and the growth continues. Until now, there are many casino sites that can be found easily on the internet.

The history of online casinos is indeed quite long, even today there are still conventional or offline casino places that bettors can visit, for example, in Las Vegas, the United States. The gambling place is the largest casino place as well as often used as a tourist spot for some foreign tourists.

Then what is the difference between conventional casinos and online casinos? When viewed in terms of the game, both still use the same game even with the same conditions. The difference lies in the media used, if the conventional version of the game has to deal with the opponent directly and uses manual objects, the online version only uses a computer or smartphone device.

At first, the Online Casino site could only be accessed using a computer device, so in Malaysia alone many bettors came to the internet cafe to enjoy the game because they did not have a laptop or computer.
As the world of technology advances, players don’t even need to access the site using a computer device, but it is more flexible because it can be accessed using a Smartphone.

Types of Online Casino

Types of Online Casino

According to a review from Wikipedia, casinos can generally be categorized into 2 different types:

Web Based Online Casino

Web Based Online Casino or what if translated into web-based online casino is an online casino game that can be played on the web without having to download or install certain software. Online casino games will be displayed in the browser via plugins such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java. To play this type of online casino gambling game, players must have a stable internet connection.

Download Based Online Casino

Another type of online casino is Download Based. Unlike the Web Based Online Casino. This type of online casino can be played without a browser. To play this type of online casino game, players or users need to:

  • Download and install game software to the device used. The game software installed will be connected to the online casino operator service, so that players can start playing.
  • Download Based Online Casinos can generally be run faster than Web Based online casinos. However, as with the process of downloading any file from the internet, there is a possibility that your computer or device is infected with a virus when installing this online casino software.
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Types of Games Online Casino Offers

Online casino gambling games actually consist of a variety of different types of games that can be played. The types of games offered by online casino services are as follows:

  1. sic bo
  2. Slot machines
  3. Poker
  4. Keno
  5. Bingo
  6. Baccarat
  7. Blackjack
  8. Craps
  9. Roulette

Does Google Allow Online Casino Games?

When it comes to online gambling, of course, the name Google will always be involved. Google itself is actually quite limiting promotional activities as well as online gambling, including online casinos in its services.

One form of restrictions on the online gambling space can be seen from a number of policies imposed by Google. For example, Google doesn’t allow gambling apps with money bets in its app marketplace, Google Plays store.

Google also publishes policies on the promotion of gambling-related services. Google only gives permission to advertise to gambling companies that are certified/licensed from the country where the online gambling operator is located. If you read Google’s guidelines in detail, you will also find that Google has also published a list of countries that are allowed to submit gambling ad serving requests. in the list the name of Malaysia is not listed.

Legality of Online Casino Games in Several Countries

In order to regulate online casino gambling, several countries such as Canada, Finland, Belgium and Sweden enforce regulations related to online gambling, including online casinos. Some of these countries are taking steps to monopolize online gambling by licensing. In other words, some of these countries legalize online casino gambling in their country.

However, according to information from Wikipedia, this license is only granted to operators or local online casino gambling agents. Some of these countries do not issue licenses to foreign casino operators. In summary, online gambling organized by foreign casino operators within the jurisdictions of some of the previously mentioned countries is

There are several countries that legalize gambling Online Casino, Why?

Outside of Malaysia, there are quite a number of countries that legalize gambling in it. Call it some of them such as America, Spain, Italy, Singapore and China Malaysia. But why did these countries take
such a policy. According to a number of reviews from several sites on the internet, the policy was taken on the basis of increasing the country’s income. Maybe some of you don’t know that the taxes paid by gambling companies are quite fantastic every year.

An example can be seen from the United States. The United States is one example of a country that legalizes gambling, but with fairly strict restrictions. According to 2017 data from the Research Research University Library Center, commercial casino gambling generates approximately $41.2 billion in taxes.

The data we mentioned earlier is only limited to state revenue from the withdrawal of commercial casino taxes, not including online gambling companies. In short, most countries that legalize gambling make online gambling, including casinos, a source of state income.

Legality of Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Legality of Online Casino Games in Malaysia

Still discussing the legality of online casino games. If previously we discussed about the legality in several countries. What about the legal status of online gambling in Malaysia? Even if you don’t understand the law well, of course you already know that the legal status of online gambling in Malaysiais illegal.

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The government has been beating the drums of war with all kinds of gambling for a long time. This is manifested in a number of laws that prosecute parties who organize or play gambling, including:
online gambling.

One of the laws that can ensnare online gambling operators is the ITE Law article 27 paragraph 2. The ITE Law article mentions the prohibition of spreading, transmitting and distributing electronic documents containing gambling.

As for the punishment from online gambling organizers, it is stated in Law 19/2016 article 45 paragraph 2. The article states that online gambling operators or organizers can be sentenced to imprisonment for
a maximum of 6 years and/or a maximum fine of 1 billion rupiah.

As for gambling players, there are also a number of articles that can ensnare them. One of these articles is contained in the Criminal Code, specifically Article 303 bis paragraph 1.

In the article it is explained that people who take the opportunity to play gambling can be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of 4 years or a fine of 10 million rupiah.

Why Malaysia Doesn’t Legalize Online Casino Gambling?

Some of you may question why online gambling cannot be legalized in Malaysia?. If some other countries can do it, why can’t we? There is really no complete answer about this. However, several reviews state that Malaysia is still not ready in terms of regulation and execution.

Unlike Malaysia, countries that legalize gambling already have strong regulations to regulate online gambling in them. These regulations have been drafted for quite a long time and with very careful consideration.

Without well-structured regulations, the legalization of gambling in Malaysia will only lead to bad endings such as increasing rates of gambling addiction and money laundering practices. In addition, the norms and religious values ​​adopted by Malaysia are also the reasons why online gambling, including online casinos, has not or cannot even be legalized in Malaysia . As you know, the majority of the Malaysia population adheres to Islam. In Islam, gambling is a sinful act.

Online Casino Version Has More Enthusiasts

The development of casino games has increased after the online version was released, of course this cannot be separated from the convenience offered by the online version of the game. Bettors do not need to go to any place or agent directly, even for games against several bettors such as card gambling, bettors can still enjoy online games.

As for arcade games or single games such as slot games or shooting fish games, bettors don’t need to play by waiting in line. If in the past bettors had to play using manual slot machines or manual fish shooting machines, now bettors just need to download the application and install it on their smartphone.

So, like other online games, betting-themed games can also be accessed using a smartphone by downloading the game application you want to play. But previously the bettor had to choose one of the gambling sites and join it as a member.

After joining, the bettor will have a gambling account then that account can be used to access the game. Bettor can only access the game on the site where you register as well as when playing at a conventional casino. Players who visit the casino can enjoy the games provided by the agent at the casino they visit. So it is proven that the history of online casinos from time to time shows that gambling still exists in any era.