Reel Rush Touch Slot Game Review

The Reel Rush – Mobile slot is simple in terms of features and animations. But like 90s video games this slot is decidedly based, you get pure excitement as you spin this multi-way winning candy reel.

Before you start playing Reel Rush Touch, make sure your phone is turned on or the volume is good and strong. This mobile slot game is, in many ways, turned on and off with its sound.

Let me explain. If you’re a kid in your 80s and 90s, you’ll automatically recognize the look and feel of Mario Bros. If you’ve never played a video platform game, you may still appreciate its style. Add in the candy crusher theme which is very popular with mobile gamers all over the world, and what you have here is probably one of the greatest slots themes for mobile slot machines.

This Reel Rush slot doesn’t have many spins or bonus features, no complicated mini-games or random wins. What it does have are Wilds wins and exciting multi-way spins that spin on each win increasing votes and wins, all the way to the free spins frenzy! It was simple and fun and kept us entertained for a long time.

This is a feature they use very well in their other fruity game, the 20sticker 20 payline slot game which is simpler, but also good.

Works well as an iOS or Android slot
Reel Rush won’t make you very rich, but it’s a charming and entertaining energetic mess, where you’ll try to open halls for some lucrative wins with free spins.

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We thought this might be a favourite, as this NetEnt slot machine is on par, and we managed to get 80x to 90x our stock with good shots and liked every second. Usually expect around 50x more of your stake as a high win in this game.

With a maximum payout of €96,240, a generous 97% return on player prices and 45 to 3125 ways to win, we make it one of our best mobile slots of 2013.

Reel Rush Touch Slot Game Features

Casino Online Malaysia – The Golden Power-Up Star is the Wild symbol, glowing and spinning with golden rays as it completes the winning streak. Appearing on all reels except reel 1, Reel Rush Touch this symbol replaces all other symbols in the game and will be the one that gives you bigger wins when opening the board.

Free Spins Meter and Re-spins: The regular game has 45 pay lines. Each time you win, the board will open, giving you more pay lines for the one free spin that occurs after each win. Win 5 times in a row and you unlock the whole board and the free spins feature.

Regular Game: 45 ways to win
Free Response 1: 135 ways to win
Free feedback 2:405 ways to win
Free Response 3: 675 ways to win
Free Feedback 4: 1,125 ways to win
Free response 5: 1875 way to win

Free Spins: Win five times in a row and you will be awarded 8 free spins and the entire board is open to win. This is a total of 3125 ways to win in this 5 reel, 5 row mobile slot. This is where you get big wins, so obviously not a very common occurrence, but when they do happen.

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If 5-star reviews and Reel Rush slots didn’t provide it, we knew we’d love this casino game when we heard about it on phones and tablets.

Pavilion88 – But without the music, the fun and ‘fun’ of this game fades away and, at best, it becomes a 3 or 4 star game. You need that anticipation that builds with each free loop that continues as the music develops into a beautiful crescendo for the free spins. This creates a winning atmosphere, which builds expectations of what is, in the end, very simple, but in our book, practical NetEnt mobile slots.

It’s a mobile slot with a medium level of volatility, which gets you excited with small wins, while still keeping you playing on the edge of your seat as you unlock the board for big wins.

The betting range should also please most players, allowing the more conservative to better enjoy this enchanting Reel Rush mobile slot.

And when you hit those free spins, you’ll feel like you’re 10 years old again, screaming into your TV as you watch the castle crumble after defeating the BIG BOSS. Except now you can see the coins coming in.